Two-Factor Authentication

At NYU Langone Medical Center, data security is extremely important. That’s why we're adding a second layer of authentication you’ll see when you connect remotely to NYULMC websites and applications, including Webmail. You won’t see this when you’re connected to an NYULMC hospital or office network.

After signing in for remote access, you’ll see a new "two-factor authentication" screen prompting you to confirm your identity using your phone or mobile device. When you see this screen:

  1. If you have more than one registered device, click the Device field and select the phone number to use to confirm your login (for example, your mobile phone). You won't see this field if you have only one phone number registered.
  2. Select the authentication method to use:
    • Call Me works with any phone (landline or mobile). You’ll receive a voice call with an automated message asking you to confirm the login request. Press any key on your phone to confirm the request.
    • Use the Passcode option if the device you're using can receive text messages. To receive a text message with a single-use passcode, click Enter a Passcode and then click the Text me new codes button you'll see at the bottom right of your screen.

For more information about two-factor authentication, including how to update your phone information and how to use a mobile app to confirm your identity, see the Two-Factor Authentication Guide on atNYULMC (search for "two factor authentication guide").